Sometimes I just need to start over……….

My first attempt at creating the mommy2milf network was not successful yet successful but I did generate a buzz and my buzz is still current. So here I am a year later and still working on my dream. Hopefully I will have a great story to share with my son about how much hard work really does pay off. I won’t blog about how stressful it can be when you are making your dream a reality. I will say that distractions that I chose to address have really slowed down my process. Stick to the plan is what I say in my head but my actions………..let’s just say I am writing to encourage myself and not self-reflect too much on the past.
My child is 5 and I am stay-at-home mom but from 7am to 6pm he is at school so what does that mean for me. It means that mommy has time for photography, to workout at the gym, blog, cook, and clean and work on my business plan. These daily task don’t seem hard to complete when they are written out on paper, or on a blog, or said aloud yet I have the damn hardest time executing them.
The problem I have with photography is I just need to get out and shoot it. Not look for a dollar look for a long-lasting possible customer instead. I have a wonderful mentor who is working with me and criticizing my work. Yet I only take my camera out on Saturdays to shoot my son and honestly when you have a cute kid who even looks cute when he cries isn’t really that challenging because he can never take a horrible picture unlike his mother right here.
I have a gym membership that I only use twice a week for some reason I just can’t leave the house. I will say due to my excellent culinary skills and knowledge of portion control and lets not forget good ole genetics that’s what keeps me slim and looking trim. I’m a fraud I have the body of a fitness model with the stamina of a 700lb obese person on the Lifetime channel trying to lose weight to save their lives.
Blogging………is not my friend. The minute I have a bad day or I don’t clear my head I lock up. I can’t write. I need to write more though that is what creating a mommy network is about. Yet I am addicted to fb and twitter like a crack head is addicted crack. I just haven’t reached the rock bottom of my social network addiction to be offering sexual favors in exchange to check my fb and twitter. I don’t think there is really a rock bottom in social media though.
Let me just sum up the cleaning part – I hate doing it the end. Cooking though is like food to my soul when I just to talk to my soul. I love food I love cooking food and mostly I love eating food yet I still have not concurred the task of making my weekly menu so that I can budget my grocery shopping. Six meals a day with 2 protein shakes is what I need to work into my “oh so busy” schedule in order for me to have a fine tuned body and maybe even be able to run in a race one day. Well let’s not say run I’d rather powerwalk.
It’s just time for me to start over get my mind right again. No more distractions no more excuses just plain and simple NO MORE. I would curse but I don’t want to be the first one banned from my mommy network for being inappropriate.
This is my first post of many more as I share a day in my life as a mommy and a MILF. This will be my blueprint on how I made my vision a reality. Learn what not to do from my tales. Just be glad this isn’t you and always remember you can be a lot worse than me too. Lastly if you can’t laugh at your own life then you are obviously not living it.